Since my childhood, chainsaws are my favourite toys. Therefore, with a pinch of talent, a cauldron of desire and above all the passion for wood and forest, I find wood carving very fulfilling.
I started my first sculptures in 1987 in my chalet located in Verossaz in Valais.

I started with mushrooms and small fir-trees, then small animals, and finally oak sculptures weighing several tons. The years go by and some details become priority for me.
New chainsaws, various grinders and special additions unearthed during my many trips to Quebec complete the line.

Until 2000 the sculpture was fairly important to me.
A dramatic event, the accidental death of my daughter Magali turned my life upside down; a year through the wringer, a year without a single sculpture. 

It was during a trip to Quebec in late 2001 that a friend (Bernard) living in the middle of the forest who forced me to sculpt a small animal.
Since that day, a force of unknown origin inspires me and I cannot stop.